Pontiac: Firebird, Trans Am and Gto (Best of Hot Rods)
Image Pontiac: Firebird, Trans Am and Gto (Best of Hot Rods)

Often regarded as Detroit's first muscle car, the Pontiac GTO set the stage for the American high performance era of the 1960s. Pontiac followed this with the Trans Am, Firebird, Judge, and Super Duty, developing a collection of cars that dominated both the drag strip and the boulevard. This new "Best of Hot Rod" collection details these incredible cars--providing details of engine developments, drivetrains and suspensions, drag racing performance, dimensions and specifications, and the development of body styles and powerplants. Included are Super Duty, 455s, Judges, Ram Air GTOs, technical analysis, factory road tests, and comparisons with Ford and MOPAR cars of the period.

 ISBN : 1884089410 Auteur : Hot Rod Magazine
 Date de parution : 01/01/2000Éditeur : Cartech
 Nombre de pages : 130 pageshttp://www.amazon.com/